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  • Good Men, Good Women
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  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    Thank you dear Mr. Wong Kar-Wai...

    ...because of you, I've now got an obsession with pineapples

    ...because of you, I started to ask the cashiers if they got any canned pineapples with a sell-bye date of August 9

    ...because of you, I give all my girlfriends exactly the same time to come back to me, how old I become each year

    ...because of you I started to wonder if there is anything in this world which doesn't expire

    ...because of…

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  • Present Perfect

    Present Perfect


    Mainstream Thai films are usually not really my cup of tea (of course there are exceptions to the rule), but this endearing short is quite a surprise. The setting and revealing of the suspense is very careful, short running time, simple plot, but buried many small foreshadowings that can be ignored, making the truth appear extremely natural when it comes to light, and there are many details to recall, the heroine's changes of emotions, life experiences, from the past to the present, and even the future, form a complete circle.

  • หลงรักเลย


    Even though I didn't understand a word they said because of the missing subs, watching those two pretty people, listening to the beautiful sounding Thai language and enjoying the picturesque scenery of LOEI, Thai films are always so soothing and relaxing. Apinya is such a fascinating person with an electrifying aura, I could watch her every day. What I like most is the sound that tells the story. It conveys so much emotion that I can only hear the sound.…

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  • Taipei Suicide Story

    Taipei Suicide Story


    Life is so tough and bitter, that some people can't love it, but it seems that when we find the same kind, we have the ability to heal and have the courage needed to live. KEFF's Taipei Suicide Story is a brief, but very tricky discussion of life and death, symbolized by fantastic imagery full of mirrors. The dead are also alive, and the living are also dead, and death is nothing but a phantom in the mirror of life.

  • On Your Wedding Day

    On Your Wedding Day


    Honest feelings and bad timing make the most painful combination. Already Wong Kar-Wai told us "Love is a matter of timing. It's no good meeting the right person too soon or too late."