Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También

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This review may contain spoilers.

"Life is like foam, so give yourself away like the sea."

a very special coming of age movie about liberation, expression and mortality. you can draw quite a few similarities between this and WKW's work (both directors were heavily influenced by Godard), but the key difference is that the narration is not coming from the characters, but from a random voice who coldly documents everything. most of what he tells us is that the future holds unfortunate things for these characters and the world they inhabit. It's interesting how history tends to bookmark all of the nightmares of death and sadness that happen in every chapter of history, but not the life and beauty people lived and experienced through those same chapters. this movie is a testament to life and to living it maximally, fearless of what will be remembered

also just wanna say, Emmanuel Lubezki is now one of my fav cinematographers having seen his work with Terrence and Alejandro and having those films in my favorites list and now this. so incredible, i want to learn more about him.

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