Le Bonheur

Le Bonheur ★★★★★

Me, watching a Godard film with unorthodox editing: fuck off you pretentious asshole. We get it, that's not the established cinematic language and that's not the type of (non)narrative commercial movies tend to be interested in, but is there something more to it? Or are you just doing it for some vague-ish intellectual reason to seem disruptive? Or worse, because you think it's cool?

Me, watching a Varda film with (somewhat similar) unorthodox editing: nothing in the history of the world has shown a better mastery of the cinematic medium as this movie. The way it moves freely from remarkably lengthy master-shots to mood-setting swift montage, as well as its employment of jump-cuts and dissolves to both underline certain moments and progress from them, is absolutely genius.

(the key difference, I think, it's that Agnès uses it to amplify the effect of any given scene, and JLG seems to use it to willingly construct strangeness).

Anyway, this is low-key monumental. Purposefully gorgeous with its luminous colors, warm natural lighting, whimsical music and breezy pace to staunchly make its point further on. The ostensibly one-sided structure of the story is another phenomenal decision to imply the reticent pertinence of what's not being shown. Just all kinds of incredible.

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