No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★

I liked it when the car went vroom, the gun went pow and the music got really loud. (can you tell it's my first trip to the theater in 20 months?)

Classically sumptuous big-budget action extravaganza done proficiently, which in this case may not add to properly great cinema like a couple of Craig's entries as Bond, but certainly lands on the top echelon of the franchise and consequently fares remarkably well against contemporaries of its kind. It's the type of thing that works just as much because it employs every trope in the book as despite of it. There is indeed solid emotional development to chew on, hoping a past of violence and trauma isn't also ahead and whatnot, yet all the chatter about these latest installments carrying more of an arc from one story to the next perhaps slightly misrepresent the obvious reality that this is still largely just about going around gorgeous locations saving the (western) world from bad guys with accents. Loses a bit of steam on the second half and Malek egregiously fumbles the golden opportunity for a bad actor to entertainingly ham it up as a 007 villain, but a good time nonetheless.

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