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  • Baby Boy

    Baby Boy

    A deeply weird movie??? I don’t really have takes. Great cast, points for Ving’s greased up ass

  • Chicken Run

    Chicken Run

    just as good as i remember it from twenty years ago. but imagine my surprise when i find that it's socialist propaganda... no wonder millennials and early gen z are all pinko bastards!!!

    "You know what the problem is? The fences aren't just round the farm. They're up here, in you heads. There's a better place out there, somewhere beyond that hill, and it has wide open places, and lots of trees... and grass. Can you imagine that? Cool, green grass.

    Who feeds us?

    We feed ourselves.

    Where's the farm?

    There is no farm!

    Where does the farmer live?

    There is no farmer."

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  • Dune


    Absolute kookoo town maximalist science fiction. The plot moves way too quickly (thank god Villeneuve is splitting this into two movies) but I don’t have a qualm... it’s synthesizer Flash Gordon! It’s sonic boom Joseph Campbell! And of course you have Lynchian grotesquery and apprehension of the unknown. Good job Davey.

  • Shaft


    Christian Bale in: The Donald Trump Jr. Story
    Great cast, SamJack is the most charismatic man alive