The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion Special

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion Special ★★★★

The cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunite 30 years after the show began, sharing memories.

Fresh Prince was a household staple for me growing up in the 90's. Every morning. Channel 5 in Sweden. It was Batman: The Animated Series and The Fresh Prince. I remember countless days being sick or playing hookie and watching the show or just hearing the show while I was on the computer. Even now just watching clips from the show it all came flooding back to me and I'm fairly certain I caught the entirety of the show just in syndication.

This is a really enjoyable and emotional reunion with a surprisingly large group of people. Sadly James Avery passed away seven years ago but everyone reminisces about his impact on them and share memories. They talk in a group and alone about memories and experiences and why the show was popular in general. They also just react to clips of the show and actors, that was an interesting and nice way of presenting it.

The only thing I think holds this back is that it is only 74 minutes long. A big 30th Anniversary Reunion Special with the whole main cast (including two special guests) should've been longer than that in my opinion, if this had been two hours or even longer I would've watched all of it. There's a lot of time spent on emotional tributes and reactions that are nice, but I wanted to hear even more from the cast. The two guests that come to join the group at large never actually.. say much. They actually don't have any major things said within the group at all. That's just strange.

On the whole I still think this is wonderful and well worth watching. You learn a few new things but it's mostly just about reminiscing and hearing what the show and the people involved meant to everyone. It's a "laughter and tears" sort of thing. That's just fine.