Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★★★★

Less Satire, More of a Homage
Everything I’d expect from a campy film about Eurovision, and I loved every second of it.

HEAR ME OUT - if you don’t love Eurovision like I do, I wouldn’t expect you to enjoy this. 

I find it so funny that this is rated so low on Letterboxd because it seems the bad reviews are either from cinephiles who take themselves way too seriously who know nothing about Eurovision, or from people who seem to think white Europeans creating satire out of other white Europeans is racist. Why anyone would be offended by someone mocking Eurovision when Eurovision literally mocks ITSELF baffles me. IT’S A FILM ABOUT TWO PEOPLE TRYING TO WIN EUROVISION. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT. 

Yes, this film was initially created from an American perspective. But did me and my family have a lovely evening of laughs? Yes. Did I cry multiple times? Yes. Did I absolutely love it and would I watch it again. Absolutely. 
If you didn’t enjoy this, good for you. But as one of my favourite nights of the year couldn’t happen in 2020, this film was honestly a stupid and campy, but beautiful and heartfelt replacement. ❤️  

Side note: Dan Stevens absolutely stole the show and I’m even more in love with him, and also that dig at Russia’s homophobia at the end was a good move but also made me really sad and made me want to throw hands for Aleksander .. on Pride as well :((

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