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  • Star Wars

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  • Star Wars

    Star Wars

    Star Wars is a conglomeration of every past and future sci-fi fantasy imaginable. It’s a brew with all the rich ingredients to make kids drool and grownups want to remain kids. Pour into the pot: Flash Gordon, Westerns, Bogart, Tolkien, Nazis, mutants, gargoyles, space ships, Star Trek, Ray Bradbury, Halloween in the Casbah, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Demon Seed, Solaris, Wizards, Logan’s Run, and make something better. It will be called Star Wars.

    Can you imagine falling love…

  • Welcome to L.A.

    Welcome to L.A.

    Welcome to L.A. is a film that would make me want to be anywhere but. When you go to see an Altman film, even though he didn’t direct it, you still want his stamp, which you get, but let’s just say the ink is smudged to the point of vague recognition and repetition.

    Alan Rudolph, who wrote and directed this disaster, was an assistant to Altman and that’s how he got Big Bob’s name and cast. So we see Geraldine…

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  • The Pink Panther Strikes Again

    The Pink Panther Strikes Again

    If you want a film that’s got killing without violence, comedy without cause, and laughter for the silliest reasons, then by all means see The Pink Panther Strikes Again. Blake Edwards has made a very elegant looking film. Peter Sellers as the idiot Clouseau, never disappoints. Herbert Lom, as the mad Dreyfus (the ex-chief inspector), is wonderfully funny and Lesiey-Anne Down looks better than Joan Collins ever did. Put it all together with Henry Mancini’s consistently good music and you…

  • The Car

    The Car

    What can a movie called The Car be about? Well, it came out of Universal where killer sharks come from, so it must be a killer car. Right! And we know that in an instant because the minute we hear Leonard Rosenman’s music before we even see The Car, we expect a shark. I don’t care if it’s on a highway, it’s still shark music (which I’m sure he was told to do). I don’t care what they paid Rosenman,…