Antiviral ★★★½

"Can I help you?"

The outer limits of Brandon Cronenberg's deranged vision may become a tad visible in the long run—a side effect of the filmmaker's own literal progenitor as well as the overall stride and cleanliness of the feature itself—yet Antiviral still triumphs with novelty in spades. Even before the final twists have had their gleefully grisly day, one can easily feel the genuine completeness of this rich debut; a sci-fi horror mystery hybrid blossoming with satisfactory commentary and stained with a welcome noir edge that stimulates the conspiracy unraveling, and growing, before us. It's about as "genre" as a film could imaginably be, both throughly inspired and wholly inspiring at each turn.

Antiviral demands to be experienced. Not every element fits smoothly, most notably toward the finale, but Cronenberg gives the production his all and delivers an undeniably immersive film brimming with killer complications and gut-wrenching marvels. I can only imagine what Possessor has in store for us now. We'll see at the drive-in next Thursday.

"Celebrities are not people, they're group hallucinations."

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