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  • Sad Song of Touha

    Sad Song of Touha

    " الدنيا كورة نطاطة
    ضحكت وأنا مش عايز أضحك
    وضحكوا ناس وزهقوا ناس
    والدنيا حلوة لولا الناس
    والدنيا وحشة لولا الناس
    والدنيا كورة وفيها ناس
    ظلت بتتفرج على ناس
    يتفرجوا وانا بتفرج
    كأني مرسومة في صورة
    والدنيا كورة
    وأنا ماشيه، ماشيه بفكّر
    والا انتو برضوا كنتوا ناس قاعدة بتتفرج على الناس اللي بتتفرج على ناس؟ "

  • We Have Many Names

    We Have Many Names


    "She wanted to be born dead.
    Leave the world unknowingly.
    Without a trace. Just wiped out.
    She wanted to erase this birth, which was just a mistake.
    The result of a random meeting between two bodies"

    I got multiple goosebumps just from watching this.

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  • Guns of the Trees

    Guns of the Trees


    A poem that says it all.
    Thank you Jonas Mekas.

  • Amélie



    A delightful rewatch!
    I first watched Amelie when I was 15 years old. I remember telling everyone about it in school and how magical it was, though no one really were interested.