BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

A few notes:

Heavy-handedness can be alright in some scenarios.

Okay, I know Klansmen are idiots, but you could have toned it down with that one dude, Lee. He was just annoying.

I noticed two audio hiccups. Please give me a medal.

A lot of people criticize the film for being too safe, clean. I felt unsettled for that exact reason; watching these vile guys wrapped up in a procedural plot and cushioned with humor was uncanny. I don't know, it just worked. And I'm typically overly sensitive to that sort of dumb, flat politics.

I think Ron is my favorite male character of the year.

Why does a black and white US flag look so cool? Outkast knew it, now Lee.

Don't make me watch Bohemian Rhapsody or Green Book.

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