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  • Ram Jaane
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  • Golden Boy

    Golden Boy


    "Oh, angel, you are too bright for me, a dirty sewer rat who has been exposed to the filth of this world ... O God, please forgive me and my stupid imagination" - kintaro oe, golden boy

    "Out of the muddy concupiscence of the flesh and the effervescence of youth, mists steamed up to darken my heart so that I, a wretched one, was unable to discern the light of love from the murk of lust ... O God, forgive…

  • Dark Society in the East

    Dark Society in the East


    lost decade yakuza sleaze with curious momentum from the word go. opening with a night flyby of then crack scourged nyc, the dark society in the east is the subseqential descent to stark ground level tokyo's pink-blue underworld overrun with gaijin, a victim of sororicide between sister cities. there's heavy drug use and a severity to the violence, a guttural edge where you might expect the v-cinema pomp to be. regarding influences i've heard hong kong and maybe there's something…

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  • Buck Breaking

    Buck Breaking

    like so many other fan fiction authors, tariq nasheed is spending a worrying amount of money commissioning yaoi art of his original characters

  • Rebels of the Neon God

    Rebels of the Neon God


    a synthesized tune on repeat is the anthem of analog era angst. car mirrors busted by alienated youth. a street fighter motherboard black market. gamed away quarters & nights and brooding motorbike rides through rain-soaked streets. the atmosphere of rebels of the neon god runs so thick you'll feel like you've rolled into the gutters of trashpunk taipei circa 1992

    best watched on VHS while flipping your parents the bird and looping youtu.be/8urigjsCdNw