Batman: Assault on Arkham ★★★½

Extremely violent action and on-screen depictions of deaths. Sexualized imagery, jokes and innuendo. These are things I'd never expected from a Warner Bros. animated movie. This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it fills every moment of this movie and makes it all the more exciting.

It's 70 minutes of pure fun that has increased my excitement for Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad may be a disappointment or it may very well be a bucket of fun. If it's anything like this then I'll be happy.

It's strange having Hynden Walch voice Harley Quinn. She does a brilliant job of it, but I can't help hearing another character she voices, Princess Bubblegum. Every time I see Harley Quinn I'll think of Princess Bubblegum and vice versa.

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