Justice League

Justice League ★★★

I honestly don't get why so many people hate on this because I had such a blast with Justice League! This is such a fun movie and definitely one of my favorite DCEU films. The acting is great and the action sequences are filmed beautifully with well incorporated CGI. Ben Affleck as Batman really stole the show yet again. This is my favorite Batman costume that we've seen onscreen so far and also my favorite interpretation of the character(not actor...character. Christain Bale is irreplaceable). Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is amazing as was Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel himself. Flash was good but I really wish they had cast Grant Gustin instead of Ezra Miller because Grant Guston will always be Flash to me. Cyborg is good but has little character development. My only real negatives were Steppenwolf as the villain and this one scene that I'll get to. Steppenwolf was a villain that was okay for the film but Overall was pretty bland and felt like this big, CGI monster thst the Justice League had to stop. Then the scene I was talking about is the scene where Flash and Cyborg were digging up Superman from the cemetery. The entire time I was thinking,"where are the security guards or something? This is friggin Superman! I could go dig up Superman if I wanted too!" Those were my only negatives though and I still had such a fun time with this movie! Definitely check it out and don't listen to the critics!

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