The Tree of Life ★★★★★

Those of us who were in awe of this film from its opening flicker walked out of the theater wondering when criterion would add this to their collection. And let me tell you they knocked this one out of the park! Special features include a new doc with talking heads like David Fincher and Christopher Nolan, new interview with Chastain, and TWO great video essays. One features interviews with great cinematographer and production designer Emmanuel Lubezki and Jack Fisk. The other is from my favorite critic Matt Zoller Seitz. Both extremely enlightening. And oh yeah, there’s an extended cut of the film. 

Now about that extended cut. It’s not revelatory to say most people either love or hate this film and those who fell on the hate side definitely weren’t screaming for it to be longer. But for those few who did come down on the fence I think this extended cut might of pushed them over to our side. There’s a slightly more traditional narrative arc and definitely more character arc and closure(Some had a problem with Pitt’s disciplinarian character which gets more fleshed out. Helps to understand why he is the way he is). Sean Penn probably wouldn’t of been so bitchy about his screen time either lol. 

Still while I prefer the original, there were times watching the extended cut I felt the sensations or rushes of emotion to be delayed(probably has to do more with watching the original so many times), I’m eager to give myself over this many more times


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