Possessor ★★★½

Brandon Cronenberg is a chip off the ole block. His style felt just like his father's - a sign of good things to come. This was a pretty neat sci-fi/horror movie that touched on issues regarding identity. It has the expected Cronenbergian body horror that you would expect that makes you squirm or turn away from the screen. Though you get into some body horror and action right at the beginning of the movie, it is more of a slow burn feel - outside of the spurts of action, it's tame, more slowly paced, perhaps too slow and boring at times. I really enjoyed the concept of the film: assassins "hijacking" the bodies of other people in order to carry out their missions. It's really hard not to compare Brandon's work to that of his father's but this was easily better than half of his father's movies - and I like David Cronenberg. Though 2020 is a relatively slow year and I haven't seen much, this one of the better movies of the year I've seen so far.

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