Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

I watched this at the tail end of high school (WAY TOO YOUNG), and I wasn't ready for it. This time around, the sensationalism - or staunch lack of it - hammers in the depressive elements. Without love it's just conflict, friction, abuse. Enough to make any person hate themselves.

Yeah, it's a wee bit excessive, but only in the context of a serious film really. I find the obviousness of its message, painstakingly laid out in dialogue, riveting still because it's clearly just Lars battling it out in his own mind. Or
masturbating. And for how unpleasant the visuals are Lars seems unusually steady behind the camera, meticulous even rather than impulsive. Like if a sociopath was directing porn without the subjects knowing about it.

Very rewarding rewatch. Director's Cut.

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