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  • Ip Man

    Ip Man


    Really enjoyed this! It had always been on my list but I just never got around to it but saw it was on Netflix and here we are.

    The choreography is insane. Donnie Yen does fantastic. The plot unfolds in an inspiring way. Yeah just really solid all around. It's not the greatest film ever but it's a lot of fun and an easy recommendation.

  • Long Toast

    Long Toast


    The toast was indeed long.

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  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    This was literally just a Neil Breen film with a couple hundred million dollar budget.

    - vague criticisms of INDUSTRY with no real thought
    - savior character telling people in shitty situations that their problems aren't worth solving
    - strange romance with distinctive lack of chemistry
    - important rock
    - shitty special effects
    - child prologue
    - bad acting, camera choices, etc of course
    - vague themes of togetherness

    Neil Breen films have more heart though.

  • Window Boy Would Also Like to Have a Submarine

    Window Boy Would Also Like to Have a Submarine


    ND/NF (2020) #10 -

    This film grabbed and lost my attention so many times that it was actually impressive.