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  • Rubber Band Pistol

    Rubber Band Pistol


    If you're lucky, there's this magical time in your life, and you don't recognize when you're in it. Your friends are always around and that feels normal. Even if there's somewhere else you need to be, it won't be the end of the world if you don't show up.

    Crashing on couches. Inside jokes. Making something silly, like a rubber band gun, the most important thing in the world.

    That's how this movie feels, like I'm twenty years old again,…

  • Three Giant Men

    Three Giant Men


    Had no idea how much I'd enjoy watching Spider-Man murder people. His favorite place to murder people is in the shower, but he'll murder people on the beach or in a cave. The location is secondary to the actual murdering, you understand. He gets creative with it too, like a giallo villain. You can tell he's really passionate about his murdering.

    Jane, you can leave me on it, because I love this crazy thing. The clothes and sets and nightclubs…

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  • He Knows You're Alone

    He Knows You're Alone


    It's the night again. We're all right again. All the soft sweet dreams are coming true.
    It's the night again. We're all right again. Time is all we need, just me and you.

    I'm one of the few who really enjoyed this movie. The parts about life have a warm, natural feel, and the scary bits get the job done. They could leave out about half the characters, but then we'd miss out on baby face Tom Hanks.

    There's this…

  • Schizoid



    These cops are incredible.

    "Please, you have to help me, someone is threatening to kill me."

    "Can't do nothin' about that, lady, we got too much goin' on."

    "But all my friends are getting murdered!"

    "Of course they are. Your friends are getting murdered, his friends are getting murdered, my friends are getting murdered. The whole damn city is getting murdered, and every one of 'em ends up on my desk!"

    Typewriters at night, ugly wallpaper, Kinky Klaus Kinski, Christopher…

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  • Dawn of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead


    Hoop-tober is Grinch Night (Hoop-tober 4.0).

    I watched a mall die; not all at once, but over the course of decades. When I was young, it had everything: department stores, a pet store, a food court, an arcade, even a comic book shop. After the newer mall opened, everything left, until it had only a discount arcade (“Every game’s a nickel!”), and they really only opened the front doors so senior citizens could walk there. I saw my favorite performance…

  • Dracula



    Hoopbound: Hooptober 2
    6/6 Required Directors (Fisher)
    5/6 Before 1970
    6/10 Anniversary

    Beautiful film, Gothic but with that Technicolor flare.

    I embrace this alternate universe of the original Stoker novel. The changes are interesting while keeping true to the original feel; although, as a Texan, I’m always disappointed when they leave out Quincey Morris. They do keep a few of the same goofs; a failure to properly defend Lucy and Mina, and a lack of adequate preparation, even though they…