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  • In a Glass Cage

    In a Glass Cage


    extreme cinema, beautiful cinema, disturbing and beautiful

  • Stir of Echoes

    Stir of Echoes


    The red filter was hilarious.

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  • Midsommar



    For Ari Asters sophomoric feature film unlike His first film Hereditary where he shined a little bit to much light on the better left unexplained mysteries of the films plot, this time Ari left audiences in the dark

    (Like what I did there?)

    But a dark contemporary horror fairy tale is the best way to describe this film.  I’m seeing this film again in an hour for the second time after seeing it only last night.

  • Nomadland



    Deeply human. And beautiful. Suffers from some pacing issues and being a bit..boring? But it’s beautiful nonetheless

    “We be the bitches of the badlands”

    I wanna go to the Badlands Spa!! PICK ME I VOLUNTEER. 

    Life is full of so many goodbyes, but is also full of so many hellos, this portrait of a woman’s life living off the land is wholly human and beautiful. Okay it’s not as exiting as films I usually like but I sorta love Nomadland. Francis is so natural and raw in this film I truly believed she was Fern the entire duration of the film.