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  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


    Fuck me, how are literally all of these so good. I find myself saying “ok this might be my favorite of the franchise” after about every one of these. That’s how you know it’s a great franchise. This one is surprisingly well shot also. I mean every film in the series looks gorgeous, but there is something extra special about the way this one was shot. I absolutely love how depressing and dark of a note this one ends on. I’m gonna have some real trouble ranking these after I’m done with them.

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


    This was so good. Prisoner of Azkaban is a better movie technically, but I think this might be my personal favorite so far. Gary Oldman kills it as always, as well did the rest of the cast. And can we take a sec to appreciate how amazing the opening scene is? I really didn’t remember much about this one at all. It really has been to long since I’ve seen these.

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  • The Green Mile

    The Green Mile


    I love movies.

  • A Fall from Grace

    A Fall from Grace

    Tyler, buddy.. I think it’s time to stop. This is funnier than any of his comedies