Bad Education

Bad Education ★★★★½

Damnnnnnnn this was good. 

Highly enjoyable narrative with wonderful performances and a well balanced tone of drama and some comedy here and there. 

Jackman with his best performance in a long time. Janney as ever is wonderful. The rest of the supporting cast is great(particularly Alex Wolff). Finley directs the pants off this film. The sets, score, editing, camera work is all top quality. Within the first 10 minutes you could see Finley flexing his directing muscles and he never lets up. 

The film has some serious political messages and themes but it never strays too far away from its source material. This is truly authentic to the setting and subject and it just works so well. 

So much of the film is on the setup of the narrative. Something happens 30 mins in which changes the whole film and makes it seem like Jackman is an okay guy. But as the film continues and Jackman keeps unraveling, the true side of him comes out. Jackman really owns this movie in combination of Finley’s masterful directing. 

It’s never boring, complicated or showy. It tells the truth story and it’s highly entertaining.