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  • Knock Off

    Knock Off


    Where do you begin with 'Knock Off' its so ludicrously over-the-top that it's hard to take seriously, and if you do you wont get anything out of it, its madness even by a Van Damme movie standard. Directed by Tsui Hark It was Hark's second and last American film he returned to Hong Kong after Knock Off, feeling unsatisfied with his work in the United States. Interestingly its one of the last films ever to feature Kai Tak Airport still…

  • Return of the Jedi

    Return of the Jedi


    Sequels are usually a case of diminishing returns, but this third instalment of the Star Wars saga is still essential viewing. It's hard to complete a legendary series on a note as impactful and strong as its predecessors with more recent examples, The Dark Knight & The Hunger Games, but Return of the Jedi has a strong conclusion and is still an impressive film. It was always going to be hard to live up to Empire Strikes Back but ROTJ is…

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  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    With its naive romanticism, its simple fable of youthful innocence triumphing over evil, its look back at classic narrative mythology, Star Wars is an exhilarating ride into cinematic fantasy, unlike anything that has hit the cinema since.

    Its well known that over the years the original trilogy has been plagued by numerous tinkering, however we are talking about the original unaltered theatrical cut, that I am fortunate to own.

    it still remains a wild ride that helped change the face…

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


    The Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) directed precursor to the events in Star Wars (or also known as Episode IV: A New Hope) also works as a strong stand alone entry. Although lacking character development and not without pacing issues, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story still earns its intergalactic stripes as a Star Wars spin-off of visual gumption and gritty action filmmaking, securing its place as the glue between trilogies in this ever-expanding space saga.

    Felicity Jones stars as Jyn, a…