The Notebook ★★★★★

The Notebook seems to have a lot of negative attention, predominantly from people who wish to be seen publicly bashing romantic films for the purpose of their own image. - The internet doesn't care if you like romantic films or not. Films are much like music, you watch whatever suits you due to the way in which it makes you feel.

I was in conflict over watching this as I had read the book several times and it is one of my favourites. I think Nick Cassavetes did an amazing job of directing this as having read the book, I can see that it would not have been and easy transition into film.

The story is captivating from the onset. Both main characters are very loveable and as their story and lives unfold you begin to know them more and more.

The locations and scenery are amazing, a perfect match for the source material - Nicholas Sparks was done proud here.

I must have seen the film 50 times since it's release in 2004 and it still stands firm as my all time favourite.