Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★½

Festive Fear Marathon 💀🎄 (2019)

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I can not believe I am saying this - never in a million years thought I would - but the 2019 PG-13 Blumhouse remake of "Black Christmas" was actually not bad...dare I say I even liked it. Yeah. It's nothing to rave about by any means, but its a film with a tight screenplay, likeable characters (who actually look like normal college aged girls), and some neat out of left field ideas. Right off the bat it has a strong feminist message that actually succeeds by doubling down. The film makes it well known that it in no way wants to be subtle with its message...the usually better route to go, but It all works considering the overall statement is sown into the entire narrative from beginning to end, keeping the films voice tonally consistent throughout. And, yes, the film is PG-13 (I know) but with a film trying to spread such a benevolent poignant message to a widespread audience...I will give this one a pass, even though I still hold the belief that slashers by definition should inherently be a R rated affair. With all that said, call me an SJW, but I bought what this film was selling...for the most part...we still have signature uninspired loud jumpscares here. Cant escape that (sigh). Overall though, the new "Black Christmas" was a generally surprising (in a good way) experience. Now is it as good as the 1974 original? You know the answer to that one. And if you dont...the answer is no.