A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★

A Queit Place Part II builds upon and expands the world created by Krasinski, thankfully never losing sight of the human element, remaining intimate with its characters, rarely veering away from what’s most important. The tone, suspense, atmostphere and direction of this should have Walking Dead writers taking notes. My praise aside, almost the entire film feels like a second act, the character and story advancements are thin and severely incomplete, especially in comparison to its predecessor.

The credits roll abruptly when you feel there should be 30 minutes left, a third act about to begin. A screeching halt with little resolution. A Quiet Place 2 is HEAVILY reliant on a sequel to tie this segment up and this could be an amazing film to segue through a solid trilogy, but as a stand-alone theatrical experience? It struggles to support itself.

Sidenote: why didn’t they recast the toddler who died at the beginning of part 1 for the flashback? He’s clearly like 6 now, putting him in a booster seat isn’t fooling anyone lmao