Thunderball ★★★½

“Mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.”

This was a lot of fun. Terence Young returns to the franchise after Guy Hamilton took over in Goldfinger. As a result the spy movie vibe is back.

This time the stakes are higher as is the budget and it’s quite clear. Technical aspect wise it’s superb especially the beautiful underwater sequences.

A lot of people complain that this movie drags and while it is longer than the previous Bond films, I never once felt that. In fact, the first hour or so might even be my favourite portion. It’s entirely set up but we get to see Bond being a spy and investigating and also the workings and schemings of SPECTRE. 

Emil Largo is such a fun villain with an eye patch and a pool of sharks. Also Fiona Volpe, the badass femme fatale was great. 

Connery is as usual great in this. His one liners are gold. 

Purely entertaining throughout. A bit sillier at points maybe but still on the whole, grounded in thrill.

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