Suicide Squad ★★

Will Smith is the standard Will Smith type and Margot Robbie is what most people think Harley Quinn is like. The rest are.. there.. I guess.. Look, I get why they made Man of Steel and Bats v Superman dark. But this is suicide squad. This is your opportunity to go nuts and have som fun! It's not that SuiSquad is dark, but it's just not all that fun. When the public demanded a fun movie, DC took that to mean some more jokes and some cool songs when introducing the characters. That's not enough! They didn't even have any awesome action-sequences, because the squad was on a leash. Let them go nuts, let them have fun, let them do anything! You didn't even really need the suicide squad for most of the movie. A bunch of soldiers could have gotten the same job done. Running and shooting. Deadshot, the deadliest sniper in the world, was even running around with them. And Captain Boomerangs boomerang was shown maybe three times overall?

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