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  • My Spy

    My Spy


    When I dropped out of my PhD film program in 2007, some of the relief I experienced came from knowing that I wouldn't have to hear anymore blowhards belittle "fun" films that lacked the artistry of their favorite Danish non-linear, non-narrative films (or something along those lines). I see people on here poopooing this film, and that is fine if you're comparing it to, say, "Citizen Kane." But why should anyone do that? I am not ashamed to admit that…

  • The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

    The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek


    My pal Tom sent me a Preston Sturges boxed set a year ago, and it did not include this film. Much to his frustration, I might add, because this is one of Sturges' best. The Criterion Channel is offering a Sturges bonanza this month, and this film is featured there alongside other gems, including his best-known works, "Sullivan's Travels," "The Lady Eve," and "Unfaithfully Yours," to name a few. Here he skates around the censors and the Hays Code, leaving us wide-eyed and laughing to the end.

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  • Where Is My Friend's House?

    Where Is My Friend's House?


    "Where is my friend's house?" Spoiler alert: You never find out.

    But that isn't the point. When I watched this, I kept waiting for the main character to find the home of the boy from his class whose notebook he accidentally took home with him. But when I focus on the destination, as I tend to do in all things in life, I miss out on the journey. If the destination differs from what I have in mind, too, I…

  • Life, and Nothing More...

    Life, and Nothing More...


    Leave it to me to focus on the search for the boy who starred in "Where Is My Friend's House?"

    I will admit I had to read a few reviews of this film to orient myself and figure out where I went wrong in watching this film. I should have gotten the hint though: The boy never finds his friend's house in "Where Is My Friend's House?" so why should I expect the film director character who is the lead…