Possessor ★★★★★

A sci-fi horror is exactly what I needed to watch this year. It almost felt like a long black mirror episode, but in my opinion it's way better because of the horror elements that they added in this. If you're a gore lover be prepared for a great time, if you love a slow-paced mind fuck movie, also get ready for a great time. 

Having Andrea Riseborough and Jennifer Jason Leigh in this movie is actually really interesting due to the fact that they did movies like Mandy and Annihilation respectively, movies that are as controversial as this one is going to be when it comes out in theaters.

Christopher Abbott was the biggest surprise for me. I've only seen him act in the first season of the sinner and he didn't have a major role in it so I never really knew his full potential as an actor. After seeing this movie I can guarantee that he has a future in the sci-fi genre, I really hope he goes down that path.

Overall, it was definitely the best movie released this year I've seen so far and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.

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