All About Lily Chou-Chou

All About Lily Chou-Chou ★★★★★

lily chou chou is not just a singer, she is an idea. she is everywhere. she is every heartache, every moment of joy. every memory is marked by what album she put out, every lyric is a conversation you once had, every chord a moment shared. she is the foundation for the world these teenagers live in.

without lily, there is nothing. no love, no hope, no despair, no sadness. we attach ourselves to things so fickle, things that may not hold the same meaning to us in a day, month, or year from now. we construct intricate identities based off of others, becoming lost in translation.

but we always remember the feelings we had every time we watch that movie or hear that song, our past interests leaving a trail of bittersweet memories.

the way this is represented visually is breathtaking— frenetic images clashing with stable ones, the chaos coming hand in hand with the serenity. the saturated colors of nature combat the near-suffocating dullness of the classroom. when you have nothing left, you turn to the air, the grass, the water. you breathe.

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