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  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    It’s impressive how a movie packed to the brim with dialogue can say almost absolutely nothing.

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    Regardless of what I think about this movie, it fills the void this year that the marvel movies so efficiently have: the popcorn blockbuster, and for most people, that will undoubtedly be enough.

    WW84 will not blow anyone's mind, nor will it feel like the worst thing ever made; it's simply fine. In some ways, it's the next step in DC's refusal of the grim and literally dark movies that founded its cinematic universe, and while I did have fun,…

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  • Ocean's Thirteen

    Ocean's Thirteen


    the whole shebang is smooth and refreshingly laid-back, while still feeling like a finale to the world of Ocean’s and its storylines (at least the ones that matter). it’s only fitting that Ocean’s 13 brings to the forefront what this entire series is not about: the money! the actual pull of the heist that would be revealed later on in the previous entries, is set up from the very first frame. therefore, the emotional throughline with Reuben, despite its simplicity, is that…

  • Ocean's Twelve

    Ocean's Twelve


    Ocean’s 12 is constantly holding back information not to reveal it all in an “aha” moment, but rather to gleefully revel in the absurdity of the heist. Not everything works, and it’s stupidly convoluted, but like the first one, it guarantees a great time. Also, Soderbergh masters the art of the freeze frame here, and it makes me sad that more films don’t use it.

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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Promising Young Woman directly attaches into the psyche of its main character. Thus, the immediate vilification of men feels real and personal. As Carey Mulligan’s character carries the baggage for an act of rape so disgusting yet dismissed, there’s an understanding for her actions. But, what’s so compelling is watching if that understanding is reciprocated by the people around her. The film is structured into a prologue and chapters (of sorts), and scenes each take a specific person (men and women)…

  • Saakshyam



    i’ve been watching Indian movies (and witnessed their idiotic censor board) for many years now, but this is getting ridiculous:

    if someone is smoking on screen, there’s a “smoking is injurious to health” tag at the bottom of the screen.

    if someone is drinking alcohol on screen,
    there’s a “alcohol is injurious to health” tag at the bottom of the screen.

    and now,

    if there is a CGI animal on screen, there is a “C.G.I” tag at the bottom of…