I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★★

I didn’t like it at first but after watching the YMS I feel a bit better about it but I still didn’t love it.     
     This -minus all the the scenes in the car- would be golden but every gosh darn car scene felt like the most uncomfortable first date humanly imaginable. 
     I want just the scene in the parents house, all of that was gold. The subtle oddities like their clothes changing throughout and the weird way time worked was so nice, but as soon as they were back on the road I was not having it.  
     Toni Collette in her early 60’s look straight up THREW ME 😍 her and David Thewis 😳 I just - very good, very pretty actors 
     The scene at the ice cream shop was also really uncomfortable in such a good way. I’m a melt for any retro style buildings and that pulled through along with the really spooky encounter with the girl working - super solid scene. 
     All the bits that go on in the school with the bunches of cups there and the slippers and everything is real good and I thought it was well done. 
     In short: I vibe with everything besides those god damn car scenes. I know they were uncomfortable on purpose but the movie was quite long and I just felt like everything said during them was conveyed fine in another better scene. That’s all :)

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