Miss Congeniality ★★★★★

This has been my favorite comfort movie since I was 8 😌 I even did my 4th grade adjective project on it but my mom drew the line when I wanted to put “colorful tubes” on the in reference to the containers the shots were in at the paint bar. 
     - points for feminism. This movie comes at it from both sides of the “girly girl” pageant queen and the “I’m not like other girls” tomboy, confronting internalized misogyny from all angles and having crazy great femmes in the cast 😍 and it’s all girls supporting girls
     - My sibling and I agreed that Sandra Bullock would be a great celebrity crush if she didn’t remind both of us of our mom, but she’s still a queen (both Sandy and our mom) so mega points for that 
     - points for the killer soundtrack, every song in here is a bop 
     - points off for not being ~as gay as it should’ve been~ but Vic is super queer coded and we have plenty of beautiful women. They even dance to ABBA’s Dancing Queen. 
     - the romantic subplot isn’t my favorite part but it might as well have ~invented~ the bickering lovers trope
     - points for every single quotable moment in here because there are bunches upon bunches. Every scene is ICONIC the Starbucks scene? The bagel scene? The S-I-N-G scene? The all you need is a light jacket moment? The “this big” moment? Those better be candy dishes? “Get her a milk”? Literally every scene with Vic GOSH I LOVE THIS MOVIE 😆 
       - pretty dresses 
       - Gracie Lou Freebush takes a stand against smoking 
     - closing a microwave with a wooden spoon
     - be the crown 👑 you are the crown 👑 
     - gonna get chip faced 
  All and all this is a stand up film and it’s peak cinema and I stand by it all the way. How the heck did it take me so long to realize I was queer when I grew up watching this????

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