• Zola



    because of this, i unwillingly watched porn together with friends… kinda sus

  • Pig



    Oscars for nic cage, alex wolff, and the car.

    Quotes were pretty cheesy, definitely would not quote. but the underlying premise was quite deep - interesting how themes of grief, elitism, and disconnection from society was explored, all camouflaged through the simple and absurd manner it was presented.

  • The Art of Self-Defense

    The Art of Self-Defense


    hard to argue that it took an unexpected turn when there were so much signs from the beginning.. 

    this was great, really something that only jesse eisenberg could pull off. was a fan of the humor— dark and subtle. solid rhythm, gets better and more intriguing as the film progresses. a bit predictable, but issa style and it worked.

    and came out 2019? how did this manage to slip past me..

  • Kingdom: Ashin of the North

    Kingdom: Ashin of the North


    interesting weapon of choice. alright, badass origin story. although not entirely a new concept, it was a pretty decent execution.

  • Gunpowder Milkshake

    Gunpowder Milkshake


    children’s humor

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    chaotic good!

    amazing, perfectly captures the essence of zillennials (or zennials? people in between millennials and gen z. like me) :>

    really felt the anxiety. yea definitely my new fave genre / style.

    filed under this list. feel free to recommend me similar films! :)

  • In the Heights

    In the Heights


    abuelas solo brought me back to life #seasoned

    on a more serious note, i'd like to see this on stage. the music is great, dying to see the stage choreography. film adaptation isn't so bad? very modern. great cast. don't like vanessa's character. rosa and daya kinda sus. benny and sonny good bois. the musical deserved all those tony wins.

    finally, half way through 2021 and am now startin to see da good stuff

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    asmr could never

  • Loki



    marvel logo looks hotter in green and gold.

    best plot, best script, best sets, best effects, best music, best cast, best visuals, best villain, best character arcs. seriously, best theme song for me.

    knew there was something wrong with me since the first thor movie came out... was more attracted to loki than thor himself. this series confirmed it

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    too much girls , where are the men

  • Luca



    "They're not even people!" 😂

    wait a minute... this was beautiful. cultured, character developments, rooting for the underdogs.. i am so inspired.

    seriously, a great modern adaptation of the usual disney / pixar coming of age adventure film, and a fun spin on the fish-out-of-water concept.

    beauuuutiful animation, mesmerizing colors and visuals. all characters were well written too - even the antagonist was great, a real modern bully. music on point. pls

    i prefer this big time over the recent…

  • No Sudden Move

    No Sudden Move


    Yeah definitely not a fan of the lens, but at least the sets were attractive and pleasing enough to sustain that quirky effect they were going for.

    An adequate American period crime-heist thriller based on true events from the 50s. I think that the production was great, easily one of the best I've seen from this year. Edits were good, loved the overall cinematography and colors of the film. Something about the execution of the story just wasn't good -…