Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade ★★★★★

Jin-Roh is a movie I wanted to watch for ages. Ever since Bennett the Sage ranked this as his 2nd favorite film of all-time, I was interested in watching it. I was also interested because Mamoru Oshii wrote the script, and I wanted to see how much of a talent he can have as a writer. The hype was worth it.

Jin-Roh is a modern day/futuristic take on Little Red Riding Hood, but it's tone is consistently darker that the fable. Jin-Roh is a very haunting experience with one of the most tragic love stories I have seen in a long while. The violence is terrifying and surprisingly moral. This film takes the story of Little Red Riding Hood and flips it upside down, creating something original and bleak.

What I also really liked is the movie's social aspect. It's refreshing to see how society looks at wolves. It makes the film more layered as it is.

Then, there's the romance. God, the romance was just so tragic.
The romance of Jin-Roh is what Twilight should have been. The romance is emotionally intense until the very end of the film. It's devastating and emotionally resonant at the same time. And the ending, by god, the ending solidified the film's tragic/devastating subplot.

Jin-Roh is one of the best anime films I've seen in a long while. It's great, and if you're lucky enough to find a copy, check it out!

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