WWE Royal Rumble 2021 ★★★★

While the men's Rumble was mediocre and the wrong person won (too lazy to rant tbh), the women's was really fun and I popped massive when *SPOILER* won. I've always been a *SPOILER* fan since she debuted in NXT so I'm excited to see her at Wrestlemania (assuming she isn't facing Charlotte.)

The other match I have to praise was the Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. Anyone who STILL thinks that Roman sucks needs to watch this because not only is the best match of his career, but it's also the best Last Man Standing match I've seen and my Match of the Year so far. It made great use of the empty arena and it had me standing up and pacing back and forth, along with some moments that made me yell "OH SHIT!" out loud.

At first I was skeptical on how they could pull off a Royal Rumble without a live crowd I gotta say thank god for the Thunderdome! The two matches I mentioned along with them getting McIntyre vs Goldberg out of the way by having it open the show (if you follow WWE you'll know how anxiety inducing it is when Goldberg has a match), this was a great PPV and I'd recommend you watch it if you haven't already.

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