Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

This really didn't deliver what I hoped it would. The first 20 minutes, basically the opening montage, was what they billed the whole film as. The heist seemed a bit too easy, until the inevitable cluster fuck and all the characters did what you guessed they would when you met them. Also, if you're sending someone to break into your safe, why do they need a safe cracker, can't you just give them the combination? Not sure how I feel about intelligent zombies either and it was always going to be too long, wasn't it, but 2 and a half hours!

'Dawn of the Dead' is hands down my favourite Snyder flick, the others don't even come close, so I was really looking forward to this and for the large part he does manage to tone down his usual excess and deliver some solid action. This may have been my fault, as I got a bit stoned while watching it, but a lot of the dialogue was laughably bad! For example when Bautista is having a heart to heart with his daughter and when the token love interest confesses her love. I should probably rewatch it straight, but at the aforementioned 150 minutes, I probably won't bother!

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