Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

Sound of Metal is best described in one word; authentic. A heartbreaking showcase of reality exemplifying the never-ending statement of ‘life isn’t perfect’. For Ruben, it was. Constantly traveling with his girlfriend while roaring through heavy metal concert tours in an environment that he found himself comfortably immersed in, he was able to grasp a true feeling of self-recreation. However, his life is turned upside-down once he began to lose his ability to hear. Visually and audibly perceiving a man who alternates between manifesting hopelessness and buoyancy feels incredibly compelling; the audience is both physically and mentally placed into the character’s headspace sanctioning the experience to create a deep connection. We are not only shown a beautifully painted portrait of the disheartening nature surrounding the process of deafness but also transported to this man's inner state of being. Riz Ahmed is fiery, raw, intense, shrewd and emotionally gripping, sinking his teeth into a densely-complex and corporally demanding role. The sound design utilizes perspective, switching through levels of audibility to authorize Ruben's viewpoint. At times difficult and at times at ease, Sound of Metal is an honest depiction boiled with anger, exhaustion and acceptance.

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