2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★½

Is the best option to write on this landmark film moments after the credits started rolling? Definitely not. But I want to look back on this review in the future, and see what I said about it right after the craziest final 20 minutes of a film took place before my eyes.

As I shook my head, laughed with disbelief and gasped "What??" to myself as the film faded to black, I immediately had to learn more. The biggest question of all: what is that monolith?

Always the best factor of open-to-interpretation movies: the meaning behind it all is left for the viewer to decide. Are you looking at a physical entity, with a conscious thought process? Does its existence grab you on a spiritual level and breathe in line with your own life? Will the monolith guide those it follows, or act only as a spectator to wondrous events?

There's no point to spoil which meaning I align with the most, in fact, I'm not even sure in this particular moment I'm typing. This is one that I will have to ponder over many minutes and many hours.

I won't add my two cents to what I think this movie does on a technicality level, because it's all been covered. There is one area I would like to briefly admire, and that's the cinematography. Good God, how did this NOT prove itself a contender in that year's Oscars. The framing deserves to be proclaimed as otherworldly, with 95% of the shots among the best cinema has ever produced.

Anyway, this may not be my first choice to watch again, at least anytime in the near future, but those last twenty minutes or so deserve studying. I may not understand the love for Clockwork Orange, but this, I side with completely.

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