Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★½

Kurt Russell once again takes command in a war torn, dystopian New York, fighting through the scum filled streets in order to save the President of the United States.

He's always a pleasure to watch, his raspy voice and carefree attitude added something to his repertoire that hadn't been seen by the prolific actor. The rest of the cast is fantastic too. You have Ernest Borgnine, who is comedic relief but not on an annoying level. Donald Pleasence as the President, and Lee Van Cleef commanding Snake. Though many don't share screen time together, it's awesome to see these legends in one film.

New York is covered in leftover garbage and abandoned cars, which really sells the backdrop being ravaged by these criminals. Everything feels very lived in. My only complaint is that other than a couple brief shots of a building here and there, it doesn't truly feel like New York.

Not a whole lot of action is going on either. What is here is fine, but I expected just a little more chaos. There are times where it feels more like a stealth mission than anything. It adds more tension this way which is great however.

Probably the biggest flaw would be the pacing, more so in the beginning. It's setting up the world, but many scenes don't include Kurt, and I found it really boring.

Anytime there's a dystopian action flick, especially with a cast this good, you can always count me in. It didn't scratch every itch but left me pretty satisfied.

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