The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur ★★

"AHHH!!!" - Arlo

I was holding out for this one. "Surely I can find a reason to rate this higher than what I'm seeing." I said to myself. Nope.

Arlo yells in a cowardly fashion for 98% of the film. Hard to feel the impact of one huge story moment when the dinos aren't discernable from each other. I actually laughed. I know that sounds horrible but they pulled a Lion King, way earlier than would have mattered.

The Good Dinosaur features photo-realistic landscapes, breathing wind into the air, shrouding dangers in shadow, lighting the lived-in scenery with awe-inspiring sunlight. All the hard work put into the stunning looks were left out of every other department. What stunned me even more was finding a movie that competes with Cars 2, in the worst ways possible.

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