Juno ★★★★

MARK: I've been just wondering if we're,
you know, ready.

VANESSA: Of course we're ready. We've taken
all the classes. The nursery. The
books --

MARK: I know we're prepared. I just don't
know if... I'm ready.

This conversation made me realize right away that this is a great film. This conversation alone is enough to reflect the message the film is trying to convey.

I was on my graveyard shift when I watched this and I was thoroughly entertained. It was excellently written, acted, and shot. But what stood out for me was how they made it feel so personal. As a viewer, it is great to come across films that make you feel some quite of connection once in a while. And I'm glad to have felt that on a film that tackles what society deems a controversial issue in a smart, witty, and compelling way.