The New Mutants

The New Mutants ★★½

After production hell and multiple delays, it's obvious after acquiring 20th Century Fox that Disney didn't give a toss about this movie and just took it of the dusty shelf and finally released it.

Above all, The New Mutants is a mediocre mixed bag. There is a much better film in here somewhere and whilst there were concepts, ideas and parts that I really liked, it was bogged down by severe tonal shifts and not fully seizing the almagamation of films it wants to be.

The cast are decent (some better than others) with Anya Taylor-Joy being the standout and they all bring some level of charisma to their characters that have just enough to them so that I was never bored. Their chemistry was great and by the end of the film I thought, you know I wouldn't be opposed to seeing more of this team, but then I realised that I just wanted to see them in a better movie that hasn't been dragged through the mud.

I probably like it a bit more than most but it's defintely flawed. It's far from the worst x-men movie but The New Mutants isn't something that I'm super desperate to rewatch.

After all the fuss, it's just a meh movie.

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