A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★★

My kids have always been fascinated with horror (based on my enthusiasm for the genre) but have never actually seen a horror film. As my eldest daughter approaches an appropriate level of maturity, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what movie would best serve as her introduction to the dark underbelly of cinema. I’ve considered the classics (Jaws, Halloween, Night of the Living Dead, The Birds, Poltergeist, etc.), but none of them really check all the boxes of the experience I've envisioned for her. After seeing A Quiet Place last night, though, I think we may have a serious contender. 

You’ve got a nice family dynamic, strong women characters, clear exposition, no sexual content or inappropriate language, limited onscreen violence (other than that poor raccoon!), and antagonists that bear no resemblance to real world threats (at least in any literal sense). The scares are derived chiefly from fun jumps, expertly-staged suspense, and the inventive design of the “dark angels” (as a newspaper headline in the film deems them).

Of course, I’ll still need to run this one by the boss, but I think Krasinki, in his startlingly assured genre debut, may have crafted the perfect family horror film.

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