Margin Call

Margin Call ★★★★

Gotta give WOLF OF WALL STREET some credit - it gave me an appetite for entertainment about The Street and its denizens that was left mostly unsatisfied by Scorsese's film. I've been reading LIAR'S POKER - Michael Lewis's fantastic account of the rise and fall of Solomon Brothers in the late 80s. And then last night I finally caught up with the excellent MARGIN CALL. I guess one of my primary gripes with WOWS was my lack of interest in spending time with its characters and their antics, while also still being interested in the mechanics of their operation. MARGIN CALL is all mechanics. Thrillingly so. Maybe even more of a gut punch a couple years later, as the stock market recovers and we start to forget our rage at these gamblers as they start to line our purses again. As if anything has changed.