Possessor ★★★★

Film #19 in my 3rd Hooptober Challenge

#7 of 2 films from 2020

I heard a little bit of buzz surrounding Possessor following Fantastic Fest, and was thrilled to see if was playing at the only open Alamo Drafthouse within 100 miles of me.

Andrea Risebourough kills it (pun intended) as the hitperson(?) with no sense of subtlety and a serious identity complex. The body horror violence in this movie is insane. Brandon Cronenberg pulls no punches throughout, as you can kind of tell from that poster image.

Besides the violence, there's a great story here, exploring identify and deception and family and an unhealthy devotion to ones work.

Besides Risebourough, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Christopher Abbott also bring their A game. The visuals and sound design are wonderful and trippy, and the score does a great job of amplifying the mood throughout.

Hoping I can go check this out one more time before it leaves theaters, or the theaters all close...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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