Possessor ★★★★

I just fucking loved this movie. Sure its violent and strange. But the way it uses those elements are impressive. It biggest strength is the ability the movie has to create and handle mood. Im not usually a fan of some of the tools it used to do it, hand held camera for example, but here is well done, and the end result Is very fucking good.

The acting is also very strong. Andrea Riseborough tends to be very good, but in here she was amazing. In a lesser movie or with lesser acting, Vos would be one dimensional and boring. But Riseborough just infuses the character with sadness, she is exhausted, the toll of a lot of stolen and destroyed lives is present. With her being disperse, confused, not really able to relate to people, and also with a lot of violence waiting to get out. The character has a very sleepy quality to her, along with anguish, that Riseborough is able to play without coming off as melodramatic, stiff or boring. Christopher Abbott also gives a solid performance, even if in his side Colin is less defined, but he delivers a very good performance, nailing all that is ask of him, which isn't little. From Vos pretending to be him, to the the violence and confusion that comes later on.

The visual focus of the movie is also great. They show moments of crisis, of two identities colliding, not only fighting for control but also even merging with each other, and they are able to pull it off wonderfully. Being creative trippy and plain fucking creepy.

It's brutal and creepy, while also managing to be strange but very straightforward. As I said before I just fucking loved it.

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