Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Spiral: From the Book of Saw ★★½

Is ok. A bit less than ok to be honest, but I came into it with really no expectations. It's a Saw movie, it follows the formula to a painful tee. And that's pretty much what will define if you'll like it or not. It feels more like one of the earlier sequels although is also one of the more solid entrances of the franchise. The characters make the usual dumb mistakes from horror movies, specially for cops, but again is not as bad as some of the others movies on the franchise, and thats kind of what defines the movie, is not as bad.

Yo know what is going to happen, pretty early on, thats the main issue with the film being so by the numbers, you see every plot twist coming very quick, and the movie is not interested or able to really hide it. This didn't had to be a flaw but they don't make the wait for the reveal that fun or entertaining.

I don't regret having seen it. I'm pretty sure I would of liked it, if the formula wasn't this tired by now. Rock was mixed, he is ok in most of the movie specially when he gets to do his thing and be funny or a smart ass, in part because it doesn't feel like a stand up, he is able to regulate the performance to be more bitter and fit with his character. But in the more intense moments he feels missed-cast and awkward . And Jackson is pretty much a glorified cameo.

Is not very fun or exciting, thats it's main flaw. It's a Saw sequel without the usual weaknesses, but It's strengths are not enough for it to pull it's own weight. The best thing about it, is that is not as bad as some of the other movies in the franchise.

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