The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

It's an extremely funny movie in a very cruel and usually mean spirited way, although the latter is more about the characters than the movie itself. It show us a time period and a world, that are kind of brutal and ruthless while hiding under opulence and social rules. But it does it without being preachy or too judgmental, being more comedic instead dark humor sure but comedy just the same. And it is a really good comedy but even a better drama, plus it has the right amount of political intrigue.

But at the end it triumphs as a movie, not just because how funny it is or the direction, or how beautiful it is, cause is fucking breathtaking, or the acting, seriously everybody in this damn thing is amazing, they are all perfect, but mainly because of the characters. They do an amazing job at presenting 3 objectively horrible women, and fleshing them out in ways that not only humanize them but also make every horrible thing they do to each other, that much more compelling and, when is right, funny. Even the movie's biggest flaw,it's length, is put to good use, cause it makes the journeys the characters are on come off as organic and realistic, is running time that is used to do character development and advance the plot the right way.

I really, really, really, really, really, loved this movie. A lot.

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